Friday, November 15, 2019
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Who's Who

Who's Who



Adml Koos Louw



Johan Kroucamp


Vice Commodore

Hennie Basson



Rear Commodore (Indoors)

Alistair Simpson



 Rear Commodore (Outdoors)


Fanie Van Tonder


 Rear Commodore (Sailing)

Colin Whitehead


 Rear Commodore (Kayaking)

Walter Hart 


Rear Commodore (Angling/Boating)

Marius Roets



 Club Manager

SW le Roux


Head of Finance


Sue Goldschmidt


Club Secretary


Johlene Hanekom



Finance Assistant



Admin/Head of the Bar




Duty Manager


William Lewis



Duty Manager


Timothy Lategan




Liza van Boven





Dottie Papier



Head of Kitchen

Evangiline Lange